I am alive

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I have been on a little blogging hiatus. But I promise that I am alive. See.

I have several projects that are undone. A little overwhelmed right now with school, home, ect. This is my craft room right now.

Lots of ideas and potential fighting for space on my desk, n my mind, and on my calendar. Stay tuned though, like I said I am still alive and have several things in the works. I have a few posts lined up for later this week. Here is what there is to look forward to in the near future.

-some more fall decor

-more about my new favorite hobie...couponding

-and a shout out to my new favorite photographer

-one of the creepiest things I have seen for a long time

-some more "best of the web" in saving

In other news. Meg tagged me with the fourth of a fourth. This computer is my school laptop so it only has one folder. So the following is the fourth in my one folder. This is from when Meg and I went to the Aquarium. It was an educators night at the Georgia Aquarium. Even though we didn't win any of the giveaways, we still had a great time.

Have a great week!

Some Link Love

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

So in my previous post I didn't get to add some of the links. This was due to some Major computer issues. I actually had them in and my connection failed! So, since I must give credit where credit is due here goes, plus a few things I have marked in my google reader to do list.

Here is Christina's tiny little chalk board. Here , here and here.

Here are some cuter pumpkins than mine
Shabby Vintage Chic
The Shabby Nest
Meg's Musings
As Time Goes by
Ask Kari &Kijsa (the original books...I think)

Check out this Budget Art, I love the flower made of musical notes.

Resetteling Avendale Flea Market Finds and other Randomness

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Meg, Victoria and I went to the Avendale Flea Market on Saturday. It was fabulous. This was the first time I had been but, Christina and Victoria had gone since they were very young. It was a church parking lot with lots of booths and parking spaces rented out. Here is what I got...

I bought this shelf and painted it my favorite shade of chartreuse. I needed something to set my plants close to the window when I brought them in for the winter. I love how everyone is painting rod iron things in bright colors, so I just had to do it too.

This is nothing from the flea market, I cut this picture out of an October issue of Martha Stewart from 2005, she used to do this every month, I know "Real Simple" does this as well I have a few from there. I painted this frame Ivory and designated it for the monthly picture of my choice, I don't have one I like I tuck it away or put some other cute magazine picture in it. It satisfies my need for change.

We made some pumpkins last night from books that we bought at the flea market. I bookmarked the idea on my google reader weeks ago and just got around to doing it. It is much more fun to do with friends. Tip, make sure your books are a little yellowed, they look much better. I got one that was smaller that I thought would be a good height to compliment this but once I got started I saw that the pages were made of a different material and they were very white. Live and Learn.

I am very excited about this one. I am an impatient decorator and sometimes that means hanging things.......without ironing them....Yikes. So, this brand new $80 steamer (I paid $15). I was given one as a wedding gift and exchanged it...oops.

I painted this frame from the dollar store. I painted over the glass part with chalk board paint. I got the idea for having a smaller chalk board with cute little things written on it from here.

also made this little chalk board. I will become my much friendlier version of the "Honey Do" list. I found these metal fabric hoops at the flea market. I need a few more right now it looks a little sparse. I found someone who was cleaning out their fabric scraps, I thought I could just change out the fabrics to reflect the different seasons.

Last but not least is my favorite find. This little tray, actually much larger than it's predecessor, will come in handy for T.V. dinners that are the result of two teachers coming home late and eating chicken fingers and tots. The sides fold down for extra room.