Thursday, July 2, 2009

It has been a busy summer and it is already half way over. I wanted to post some of the things that I have been working on and gathering together for the nursery.

Here are some of the fabrics that I am using, it came out fuzzy but I am feeling too lazy to go downstairs and then back up to take another picture. The "Blanket" is a Shabby Chic king size pillowcase from target and the other pillow is also from the same line. Victoria gave it to me. The green in the bottom left is a rug that I picked up at a garage sale earlier this spring. I love this bedding set but I am not sure that I will buy it. I have some pieces and some fabric pendants that go with it but I would like to piece it together on my own. I forgot to take pictures of the bedding I have put together so far. Later, I digress.This is an antique jar I found while thrifting with friends in the mountains. See the tiny little "A"?

This was made by my friend Liz on her swanky new cutter thingy. Isn't it cute? I plan on getting a chunky ribbon and hanging it on her door.
These were brought over by my mom along with some others. They were worn by my sister and I when we were babies. They will work themselves into the room somehow.
My mother also brought this vintage print. My sister immediately called dibs but agreed to let me use it in Ansley's nursery.

This is a desk from my spare bedroom. I am going to use it as a changing table. There is enough room for a changing pad and a cute little basket at the end with all of the diapery things babies need. I am keeping my eye out for a laundry basket to go underneath. My mother is an absolute painting genius, I didn't take a good before picture, but I know everyone has seen French Provincial Furniture with all of the gold and laminate. Mom is worried that it is too much pink, any thoughts?

This is how the desk looked before, we havn't refinished this yet but it will happen...eventually.