So, it has been a while...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Here sits my favorite comfy chair. I bought the little orange pillow at the goodwill this week and I like how it brings out the fall colors. You can see on the ottoman my Halloween/Thanksgiving collection of Martha Stewart magazines. They once had such pretty covers. I have been a little disappointed overall with her magazine lately. I am still not loving the mantle yet. I have some friends coming over today that can hopefully offer some input in that department. I have been collecting ivory dishes all year and I finally have enough to do something with. I still can't bring myself to paint this lovely cabinet. It compliments my floors so well. Did I mention it was only $20 at a garage sale?
I found this frame at a garage sale and used it this summer/spring with the word "grow" in it. I have several scrap booking sets of cardboard letters and have been collecting interesting fabrics. There are lots of 4 letter words I can put in here. (only the nice ones). And when I am finished, I put the fabric and the letters in a plastic bag ready for the next time.
Here are my fabric hoops. I love these little guys. They make it so easy to change my decor for the seasons so far I have ones for Christmas, Spring, Valentines day and Fall. I also have a set of wooden ones in my craft office, this is an old photo. The craft office is now in our dining room and this room belongs to baby.
Nursery update coming soon...stay tuned.