Lovvve is in the air

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I wish I had had the time to decorate for winter. I love what Joy has done for the winter. She is my decorating hero. I would have my house look like hers in a minute. Alas, this week was about an 80 hour week for me. So, I skipped winter and went straight for valentines day. Interesting fact-my V key is on the blink just in time for my VVVVVValentines day post. Here is what I did with my chalkboard and sewing hoops for V day.

This is what I have going on in my china cabinet right now. I really love the rose pink depression class. I recently aquired the candy dish at the flea market and am loving it.I am so glad that I made these books when they started popping up all around blogland. They have sported jack-o-lantern faces, Christmas ribbon and now are looking lovvvvely for Valentines day. I think I need more for sort of a cluster.

This cute little cake plate is one of two that I got from my sister. The other is larger and they stack together. This ivory spray painted frame travels around my home with different magazine clippings that I think are cute and seasonal. I love candy hearts. I need to buy some more to eat and not just look at.

And last but not least here are my two favorite guys. They are the hobbit adventurers Marry and Pippen. Yes, Mary is a boy. I have had Pippen (the siamese mix) for almost 5 years and can't imagine life without him. Mary is a relatively new addition to our home. But, Pippen is showing him the ropes and will kindly swat him if he gets out of line. And in case you are wondering Pippen is not evil, His eyes just dialate more slowly than the average cat.


Meg said...

Lol, he does look kinda evil with his constricted pupils! I'm a little shocked to see them both together like this. Love your decorations. They look good enough to eat!

Kellogg said...

SK, I love the layout of your blog! Pretty! And did I meet the new cat? I don't remember. It's cuuuuuute! BTW, I have a new blog. And I added your blog to my "blog roll." This one is all encompassing and seeing as I have ample hours at work to not do anything (lol), I update it more. I miss you guys!!!

Kellogg said...

Lolz! Except I would never ever ever wear heels with shorts. Gag!

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Very cute Vday decorations! Love the sewing hoops too!


Kellogg said...

Lol! Of course he couldn't! That's why it's a dream and not a reality. And didn't you read it? It turned out she didn't actually turn into the hedgehog. Hey, update your blog already! My mom keeps buying me those candy hearts even though I haven't liked them in years. I have about 100 boxes somewhere and now 5 more in my car. =\