A crafty Conglomeration

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Here is another one of my favorite creations. Every piece of it was found separately. The wired holder came from a neighborhood garage sale. The pink plates that just happened to fit perfectly came from the salvation army, and the cute little shakers came from the good will. Sadly my cat. knocked down the matching pink bud vase at the top, so I am back to the plain white one. I am always rooting more plants to give away and start new pots. This was the perfect place for them. I will add some tour pictures soon. We are having an open house on Sunday, therefore the house will be clean! Have a great weekend everyone.


Meg said...

I love the tiny fruits at the bottom.. so cute. Everything you have looks good. Your always transforming things and seeing them in a different light. I have no idea about the bread molds though. You should try it even though you don't bake. You could have it as a refreshment for all the people on Sunday.

Sarah Kate said...

Good idea about using it for Sunday. Maybe I will try it for the next time you guys are over.

Victoria said...

I remember those plates! They are absolutely beautiful.

BTW, my MIL & I saw wooden penguins like yours on the mantel at a store in Senoia yesterday for a gazillion dollars!

Good luck with your open house!