A fathers Love

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Victoria over at As Time Goes By keeps telling me that I should post my trim on my blog. I hesitated to because it is nothing that I have done. But, as I have been struggling to just get dinner on the table before bed time and therefore have not done anything creative, I thought I would showcase some of my dad's fine work on my house. My house was built by my father, for the most part. We bought it as just a foundation and a frame. Dad has been a carpenter since he was 17 years old and he and mom found a house for us that would be a great opportunity. It definitely ended up being more difficult than we ever could have imagined. Here is a bit of the process and some of the trim along the way. At first I didn't' like the grapes on the mantle but they do add a little something. The built-in here(at the bottom) is my favorite part of the house. When I look at I cannot help but think of the lengths that my dad goes to for me. I cannot tell you the days that we all spent digging rock out of the yard, scraping paint off of windows, and hauling TONS of trash.
As you can see my kitchen is definately pink. I will show more of it later. But this was a cool place to show off some of my cute salvation army finds. These are in the same set as the ones that are featured on the wired plant holder thingy.This is the trim in the front entry way. If you look closely you can see the dirt dobber in the right corner. It would be a serious ladder chore to get it off, sorry guys!

Have a great weekend!

Pray for our open house!


Kimba said...

Victoria was right! Your trim is stunning! There aren't enough words to describe how beautiful it is. Thanks for sharing.

I understand the stress of selling a home. We just did the same thing and it can be overwhelming. Prayer is definitely the right approach.

I love your chair makeover too. Great color!

Twice as Nice said...

WOW I just LOVE all of your wood work. I would love to see more of your home. Just BEAUTIFUL. You said something about an open house...are you selling? Your father did a fantastic job :o)

Shannon said...

Everything is so beautiful!!

Victoria said...

Sarah, I thought this was a really sweet post because of how hard your Dad did work and the talent he obviously has!

I'll always remember him "camping" out in the unfinished house so no one would steal the hardwood flooring that had just been delivered. Not all Dad's would do that for their daughter!

Sometime you have to show your pantry just to make everyone drool! ;) Maybe it will give others an idea on how to create their own.