Sewing Room

Thursday, September 11, 2008

This is my sewing room. I love the colors chartreuse and periwinkle, I used them in my wedding and therefore had lots of left over topiarys and my bouquet. I wanted a place where I could craft with friends. I bought the shelf and the desk at Ikea. I love their Expedit series. I wish I could paint the walls in there, but alas, the house is up for sale and not everyone loves the green as much as I. I would love to paint it something like Timoty Straw (I absolutely adore this color, thanks Kimba). I should have cleaned it you a little first. Now that I look at it I think it may be a little busy and have too much going on, any ideas? The photo below is one of my favorite finds. I found the old wooden ironing board at a garage sale. It was already this color. How perfect. The sewing hoops were bought at the United Methodist Childrens Home sale last year, I am sure the woman in the craft room thought I was crazy. I have several more but I didn't want to do them all with the same green fabric. I keep on looking for some other fabric everywhere I go, but I havn't found the right one yet. I thought about stenciling on some of them. Any ideas here. At first I just wanted to put something in the room so I didn't look empty to potential buyers, now it seems that we will have to wait a while and I might as well make the room mine. With the exception of painting, I am up for anything to make this room look better.


Cassie said...

Found you stumbling through blogger..

Love the wooden ironing board!

Lily said...

The wooden ironing board was a nice find!

Hard to suggest without seeing the dimensions of the room, but what about a nice squashy chair in the room-- to give it the feel of a crafting getaway room? I don't know.

Good luck on selling your house. It looks lovely!

VioletRiot said...

Your sewing room is coming to life! When you gonna sew me something?

Victoria said...

Hey, love the idea of stenciling on the fabric!

You could also do a "wordle" in there...with craft, sew, create, etc.

I am still waiting on you to come help me organize my craft supply. ;)

Meg said...

Yes, the ironing board is still a favorite of mine every time I see it. I'm in the same predicament with my boring white walls in my "for sale" house. I love the sewing hoops. Is the scary wall piece still in there??? I didn't notice. I'm gonna hit the back button as soon as I post this and check.

Meg said...

AAAHHH!!! Some little girl is gonna come looking for that one of these days and it ain't gonna be pretty!

Joy said...

If you have several little hoops, it would be so fun to stencil a letter on each then hang then close together to make up an entire word like S E W or
C R E A T E. I love the wooden ironing board, too.

Your fall decorations are looking great and the trim work in your house is absolutely gorgeous! The trim work alone should sell the house.

Welcome to blogging, by the way. You have a very lovely blog!

Sarah Kate said...

Meg, I took down the "little girl" hanging thing. You win!