Monday, April 20, 2009

Sorry for the brief hiatus. I have been very busy since I blogged last.

  • I finished a 132 page yearbook for the school where I teach.
  • I have written seven individual education plans for the children I teach.
  • I have planted a kicking garden (pictures when the sun comes up)
  • I let coupons expire before even cutting them out
  • and most importantly... looking at a lot of this kind of stuff
Now that I am done with all of the paperwork and the yearbook, and through the first trimester I will be blogging more...I promise.


Victoria said...

I am sooo excited about your "news". It will be so much fun to welcome yours and Meg's babies into the world!

Can't wait to help with the nursery.

Oh and I was going through AGS stuff today wishing I knew what you were having!

Julie said...

Congrats... I was wondering where you were... when are you due?

Amanda said...

Yay! I can't wait to meet this little person!

Aunt Amanda is going to cuddle it to death!

Christina said...

I was just thinking about you this weekend! So glad you are doing well. Can't wait to take picts. of you and then the little one!!

Meg said...

You have been VERY busy!!! I like that nursery picture you posted up. Is that an idea you have for your nursery? If so, it's a good one.