How does your garden grow?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back when we were all doing resolutions in January. After posting mine I got to thinking about some of the talk of having a focus for the year.
This year's focus for me will be growth.

Mental-possibly going back to school
Spiritual-being more intentional about placing myself before God so that he can use me
Physical-growing a vegetable garden. This is the one I will focus on in today's post
Unexpected growth-TBA

After watching several bloggers and what they had done in their gardens I took a page from Manuela's book and decided to do raised beds. Our home is newly built and they scraped all of the top soil off of our land and only left clay. We have had a difficult time just getting grass to grow. My father (who happens to be a master craftsman) built me these beds.

First we laid down newspaper that I had been saving from my coupon clipping exploits. Next we added leaves, then some of the topsoil that we do have on hand, and finally some store bought soil and finally the rich miracle grow to get it really going. In the end mom and I decided to throw in the soaker hose. Not because it was necessary, but because it was free.

I am grateful for Hubbs for the brute strength, and Mom and Dad for their expertise. I am grateful to all of them for working along side me in this project as if it was their own. So far I planted:

Sugar Snap peas (see the little thingy that mom rigged for them to climb)

Romain Lettuce

Spinach (seeds)

Lettuce Mixture (seeds)


We also planted two blueberry bushes. Did you know you have to have two for cross polination?


Julie said...

so jealous you can be doing that is currently snowing outside my window.... love the garden

Victoria said...

I think this is my favorite post of yours so far! You've done a lot in the beds since I saw them on Wed. I can't wait to see/hear how your garden grows. Don't forget to grow a few flowers so you can pick them for the house.

Victoria said...

I forgot to tell you I love your new background!

Christina said...

Look forward to seeing how your garden does. I haven't gotten the spring bug yet, but probably will at some point. Love your new background too. Cute boots. Chloe wanted be to buy her some the other day at Target. Nope not paying $24.00. I'll have to be on the lookout for some. She wants puddle pictures taken.

Meg said...

Wow, you've already got stuff growing up! I love the whole garden thing and no I didn't know that about blueberrys. What is the TBA stuff all about??? :)

chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

that looks great. you're going to have fun with it this summer.

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

How funny! I was just trying to catch up with blogs! I actually am doing a how to make a raised bed post this friday. Yours look great! How's everything growing?


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