After Christmas...Disapointment

Monday, December 29, 2008

Firstly, I must apolagize for not having posted anything about Christmas. I promise I am not a scrooge and I did decorate. Christmas is my favorite time of year, I just didn't get around to posting anything about my Christmas decorations. Things just got a little overwhelming with school, doing the yearbook, Christmas shopping, and everything else. Something had to give, so I had to back off of the blog for a little bit. But I am back.

My Bunny and I spent some time today shopping. We don't spend very much on each other so we can go shopping together after Christmas when everything is cheaper. I got some great deals at target. Scotch tape for .25 a roll (after coupons), Free M&M private reserve(or whatever they are called) for free plus a .13 overage, and a .24 scotch wrapping paper cutter. I hit the Victoria Secret Semi-Anual Sale and got some of my favorite panties ;), but I couldn't find anything exciting at bath and body works (who is also having their Semi-Annual)

What I have done since I have blogged last:

  1. I have finished all four twilight novels-on Audio while working on things around the house
  2. I have gotten a good...enough start to the school's yearbook so that I don't feel like it has me in a choak hold.
  3. I have welcomed a new kitty into our home
  4. I have saved a lot on groceries with a little help from my favorite bloggersand lots of other menial tasks that, no one really wants to hear about
  5. Wrote a mother letter and included it in a basket of encouragement for my mother for Christmas
  6. and lots of other menial tasks that, no one really wants to hear about