New Year Resolutions

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Charlie Brown, I think you should resolve to be perfect during the coming year.
Charlie Brown: Perfect? Good grief, nobody's perfect! What do you expect of me?
Lucy: I think you can be if you try... I really do!
Charlie Brown: All right, Lucy, if you have that much faith in me, I'll try! I hereby resolve to be perfect during the next year!

So, maybe not perfection. But here are my goals for the new year

  1. Eat less meat-more omega 3's (More about this at a later time)
  2. Date my husband once a week
  3. Don't let clutter overwhelm my life
  4. Spend some time a couple times a week on my relationship with God
  5. Start my Master's Program at Liberty


Meg said...

I love the Charlie Brown bit! These are some very good resolutions. I especially like the one about having a date night once a week. I might have to use that one. Can't wait to read about the omega 3's. I don't know that much about them. very interesting.

Victoria said...

Hmmmm brave one you are posting those resolutions. ;) I don't see "drink more water" on the list. :)

I need to have a date night once a week too. Does hanging out with you & Meg count? He he.