What I am doing today

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The plan for today

  • Laundry
  • Test driving a HUGE TRUCK for a 50$ gift card. Check out the details HERE
  • Discussing reinstating a Date Night with my hubbs. Read THIS and THIS for more details.
  • Going to Kroger with my list of coupons from HERE.
  • Taking down Christmas Decorations while watching my new movie

Little Mermaid was my favorite when I was growing up.

Can I tell you how much google reader has impacted my life. I used to have to wait for magazines or all of this kind of info. What are you doing today?


Meg said...

I love your list, especially the part where you drive a huge truck for a gift card! lol! Maybe... I said MAYBE your list will inspire me to do some laundry. Hmmm. Maybe just maybe.

Victoria said...

I am working. BLAH. :)

So where is the gift card to? I am always tempted to do that as well!

We got all our xmas decor packed up yesterday. YAY!